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Happy Mother's Day!!

Being a Mother is no joke Rocket science would have been easier to cope! This constant state of not knowing The right from wrong of what I am doing.
Maybe I am not giving them enough quality time Or am I indulging their wishes all the while? Maybe I don’t hug and kiss them as much Or is it an excess of attention and touch?
I am not raising them to value what they have I am not raising them to be nice and behave. Are they to others needs and wishes averse? Have I made them the centre of my universe?
Is two days a week too much screen time But if I don’t allow, will they be left behind? After school I pack them off to class Shouldn’t I allow some time-pass?
Maybe painting, chess and piano Or tennis…. I don’t know! I should ensure they do their homework in time Or should I let them take responsibility and decide?
With them I should do more fun activities Or maybe towards hard work, they should have more proclivity? We should enrich their experiences with more trips But does it end up becoming only about pool, …

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