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Where Is The India Of Our Childhood and Youth?

                                                     image courtesy : We are living in unusual times. These are uncharted territories for those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s. We were raised in another era with absolutely different values than which exist today and so it is all the more surprising that so many of us have fallen for the bizarre narrative that exists in India today. And it is not just a narrative anymore. Many of us zealously believe it and worship it and follow it and protect it!   We are children of parents who were born in newly free India. Our grandparents were a part of the freedom struggle. All our elders abhorred the divide and rule tactics of the British. They had a vision for India and worked very hard in the building of this nation in its nascent years…. Be it in industry, agriculture, trading, army or the civil services. Our parents discussed the economy, GDP, India’s balance of payments, unemployment rate, inflation etc. We grew up dreaming o

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